On completion of the ACE course of study, learners are able to embark on the career of their choice.  The ACE system effectively equips the learners with
morals, values and character.  The Graduations Department will walk the learner through achieving a suitable certificate for their career choice.



The following SAQA registered qualifications are available through ACE, South Africa:

SAQA Registration NQF Level Certificate Name
17209 4 ACE Ministries Grade 12 College
Entrance Certificate
17207 3 ACE Ministries General Certificate
17208 1 Vocational Preparatory Certificate

When applying for a South African Graduation Certificate you need to submit the following forms (click the button to download the form):

If you wish to apply for an International Honours Certificate (issued by A.C.E. Ministries, U.S.A.), see page 64 of the ACE Procedures Manual, Vol 1 for requirements.

For more information on the new International Certificate of Christian Education, please visit www.icceafrica.com.



Higher Education South Africa (HESA), which determines the minimum requirements for admission to South African universities, released a statement dated 23 May 2012, confirming that SA universities will in future be allowed to admit ACE students with the Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate at their institutions through their own Senate’s Discretionary Route.

Although this does not mean that all universities will automatically consider such students, the ACE National Office has met with a number of prominent South African universities based on the HESA statement and will continue to do so in 2013. To date the following universities have already confirmed that their doors are open for ACE students from 2013 and beyond:

University of Stellenbosch
University of the Free State
University of South Africa (UNISA) (Completion of foundation programme required for degree study)
University of North West
University of Johannesburg
University of Cape Town

Applicants with an ACE certificate wanting to apply for university studies in 2014 are advised to complete the required Tertiary Study Liaison Form and submit it to the Academic Department at ACE. Forms can be emailed to Lindiwe Khumalo at lindiwe.khumalo@aceministries.co.za. ACE National Office will then create a Tertiary Liaison Link on behalf of a prospective graduate with which he/ she may apply for admission through the Senate’s Discretionary Routes at the preferred institutions. Please note that there is no guarantee that a particular university or faculty will accept an ACE applicant or any other Grade 12 applicant (regardless of the certificate presented) due to limited space and national quotas that are prescribed by Government.

Although the National Senior Certificate examination remains a possible option for ACE students, it is important to note that ACE South Africa will only be able to provide academic support to NSC candidates until the end of 2013. This is due to the new opportunities that have opened up for ACE graduates with a College Entrance Certificate to access SA universities as of 2013.



Most South African universities require students to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT) and in some cases the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as part of their selection process in various faculties. Students are advised that at least 3 months of preparation are required to write these tests successfully.

Should you require more information on the SAT and NBT, please click on the following links: