How to start a home school:

Step 1: Make contact with a Home School Academy close to you

Step 2: Apply to the Department of Education to home school you child. Proof of this application must accompany your ACE application

Step 3: Request transfer card  from your child’s previous school or in the case of an ACE School, a letter stating that they are aware that you will be home schooling using ACE

Step 4: Sign the Home Education Standard Service Agreement (must be signed by two witnesses)

Step 5: Arrange for an interview with your Home School Academy. Your completed application form plus the above documents must be taken to this interview

Step 6: Your
Home School Academy will post your application form and all relevant documentation to the National Office for processing

Step 7: If everything is in order National Office will inform your host academy of your successful application

Register your Home School and receive:

For more information on how to register contact the nearest approved Home Education Registration Centre or the ACE National Office.

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