The International Student Convention is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for students from around the world to meet and compete in a variety of events. Students who excel at the annual All Africa Student Convention are nominated to represent Africa at the ISC. Students also take this opportunity to tour the USA, visiting places like New York, Washington, and Disney World.

The 2014 International Student Convention will be held in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. Registrations open in November 2013. Nominees can contact our Events Office for more details on how to attend.

Tel:  031 573 6500


If you are representing Africa at the 2014 ISC, click here to join our Facebook group.

You too could have the opportunity to attend the International Student Convention. Be sure to attend the All Africa Student Convention in December 2014, work hard at your events, and you could be nominated to represent Africa at the 2015 International Student Convention.